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Clothing Labels


Woven Clothing Labels

Our signature "Damask Air Jet" woven label is our top seller and for good reason, but scroll down through our extensive selection of various weaves we offer in the Woven Label section. Each woven label has its own unique finish and style - just like your apparel line. Find the woven label that is right for you easily at BCI Labels.

Printed Labels

We supply printed clothing labels in various and interesting substrates setting us apart from others in the printing industry. We offer unique materials like Hemp, Micro Cottons, Silk, Imi-Suede, and our signature “Exosilk” Satin printed labels for the ultimate in softness. Any size is possible, ultrasonic cutting ensures a super soft finish even on the edge.

Eco-Friendly Labels

Earth-friendly clothing labels are popular and rightly so. We embraced this idea long before it was fashionable to do so! Scroll through our clothing labels in the Eco-Friendly section and you will find labels unlike others out there on the web…Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Cotton Embroidery, Twill Cotton and Dye Bath Cotton clothing labels. These are all used with Mother Earth in mind, water-based inks and sustainable materials used only for labeling.

Care & Content Clothing Labels

Our care & content labels and our printed nylon logo labels are 100% Made in USA. We offer a super fast turn-around time in 24 hours unlike a lot of label companies out there who take weeks to fulfill a custom printed label, we can do it in just 1 day. Need it now? Order today, have it tomorrow with our printed nylon clothing label.

Pre-Made In-Stock Clothing Labels

We have a large selection of pre-made care labels in stock in our online store. These are ready to ship at an inexpesive price for same day fulfillment if ordered before 3PM West Coast Time.

24 Hour Rush Labels

Our clothing labels that are in stock can be rushed out to you on a moment’s notice. Even personalized labeling can be done in the 24 hour turn-around time frame. Email or call us for details. Clothing labels for rush jobs can now be solved quickly at BCI Labels.

Vintage Clothing Labels

The old days... Vintage clothing had cool labels inside of them, didn’t they? Satin woven labels manufactured on old shuttle looms – rickety and bouncing around- these machines made labels that would just about sing when sewn on apparel. We have some of these old looms still working for us in our factory and the labels they make are just as beautiful today as they were back in their heyday. Look through our vintage clothing label selection for samples spanning 50 years of styles. Order some for your own line today!

Baby Clothing Labels

Baby, Infant and Toddler Clothing Labels require the utmost in softness. Our delicate satins, cottons, silks and wovens refined and finished in ultrasonic cutting ensures the highest standard of softness to baby’s skin. Great for bridal and lingerie apparel as well.

Peel & Stick Labels

Our peel & stick clothing labels are not suitable for the wash but they are ideal for a quick application to get the product to market or on a surface that won’t be going through a washing machine. Our woven or   printed clothing labels with peel off backing has super strong adhesive that will adhere to anything. Roll form available or single cut pieces.

Military / Tactical Labels

Tactical apparel clothing labels for Police, Swat, Military, Law Enforcement units. Olive drab green (OD), Zero Signature black PVC, reflective yarns and UV readable-only stitching are all available in our clothing labels in this section. 

Leather & Imitation Leather/Suede Clothing Labels   

BCI Labels offers several options for leather clothing labels – real leather, imitation leather, imitation suede and also ink-inlay printed leather labels. Foil stamping on leather labels is available as well. All embossed leather labels require a mold in order to create clear artwork embossing.

Laser Engraved Clothing Labels

With our in-house laser, we can etch your logo onto any number of materials – bamboo, suede, leather, metal, mother of pearl shell, even coconut! If you can imagine it, we can likely make it. The sky is the limit   for this type of unique clothing label production. You will find many of these products only here at BCI Labels.

Tagless Heat Transfers

Our sublimation process is fast and efficient. We offer vinyl and flocking transfers which are best used on a heat press. Transfer your   logo onto your fabrics and skip the sewing altogether. These labels have excellent durability on cottons, spandex blends and lycra blends that have a stretch to the fabric. Cool peel gives best results.

Customized Tapes

Woven jacquard damask, printed micro cotton tape or printed satin Exosilk can all be supplied by BCI Clothing Labels. Numerous widths of custom printed or woven tapes are available as is embroidered tape on cotton or other synthetic tapes of your choosing.

PVC, Rubber & Silicone 3D Molded Labels

Precision tooling and injection molding give our rubber labels sharp detail. We offer both PVC and Silicone labels to the clothing label marketplace. Raised graphics or debossed logos give a unique 3D effect to your logo.


All BCI hangtags are made from 100% recycled paper products. We also offer recycled cotton printed hangtags with or without jute strings.   Light-Medium-Heavy weight stocks are available. Full color printing in water-based inks are available.

Metal Clothing Labels

Various galvanized finishes are available for our metal clothing labels at bcilabels.com. Select from stainless steel, aluminum, brushed brass   or shiny brass, chrome or antique silver. We can etch with laser, emboss in metal moulding or leave in a natural rough state. Nickel-free alloy available.

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