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Label Basics


Clothing Label Types            

BCI  has divided our clothing labels into the following groups shown below.   Each type of clothing name label has unique benefits and advantages related to  specific applications.  Please read  through the below descriptions of our clothing label products in order to better understand which clothing label is the right solution for your identity requirement.   Remember if you have questions, feel free to call us or email us and we will  be happy to assist.

Woven Clothing Labels: Woven clothing labels are manufactured using weaving looms. The looms weave polyester yarns called warp and weft yarns re-creating the logo submitted by the client in the form of artwork. The clothing labels come off of the looms in a tape form where they are then cut by hot knife or laser. This method seals  the yarns to prevent fraying. Our looms are numerous, however we rely on broad  looms, rapier looms, needle looms, double and single shuttle looms to weave our clothing labels. Woven clothing labels are more durable than printed clothing  labels and tend to launder better in the long run. There are several benefits  to choosing a woven clothing label which include high-end final appearance,  durability and softness against the skin.   Woven labels give a more luxurious impression to garments while printed  clothing labels give a lighter, daintier feel to the garment.  In order to decide which clothing label  is right for you, it’s better to email us and ask for a few free samples.
Damask  Clothing LabelsWoven Damask  labels are our best selling woven clothing label, and  for good reason. Clients love the way they look on their garments or bags. The  finish is opaque in appearance and has a soft, subtle texture with a very tight  weave. This clothing label is suitable for high-end garments that require a  refined trim finish. The loom weaves this clothing label slower than other  labels thereby giving the clothing label a nice uniform weave. This type of  weave is the perfect clothing label if you are searching for a clothing label  that will give a high-end impression. The damask clothing label is also ideal  for intricate logo or artwork. The slower loom speed allows great depth in  logos, color separation, detail and clarity.

Damask Needle Loom

This is a the same weave as the above  Damask clothing label however we use a finer smaller gauge 50d yarn denier on  this clothing label on our Needle Loom which can achieve even higher quality  detail on your artwork logo.    This clothing label has an even more noticeable sheen to the finish of  the label yarns lending itself very well with high-end expensive garments, bridal clothing or designer pieces that request top dollar.  This weaving loom technology allows us  to weave photo like quality on clothing labels giving shading, depth and  richness of color.  These clothing  labels are referred to in the industry as tapestry labels or photo weave  clothing labels.  We take this  process one step further and use our exclusive “Florentine Collection” series  of yarns which give an even more luminescent effect to the clothing label. For  more on the “Florentine Collection” with photos and details,  read our press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/11/prweb306630.htm. This style of  clothing label is rapidly becoming the choice for the ultimate woven clothing  label to signify elegant high-end quality.

Damask  Clothing Label (Canvas Effect)

This is a great looking clothing label that gives a lot of depth and character to outdoorsy and country theme items. We create a canvas style weave that really  shows the interwoven character of the yarns. This clothing label is the  synthetic version of our natural version “cotton canvas printed” listed below.  Reminiscent of quilts or needlepoint, this will give a unique look to your  product.   The loom recreates  a cotton “tick” effect on the yarns thereby allowing us to weave into the body  of the label a logo or color which resembles a printed cotton label.   The advantage is that these  clothing labels are more durable than cotton printed labels in multiple washing  cycles.  They are however not as  soft as standard printed cotton labels.   These clothing labels are available in center or end folds as well as  fuse cut.

Iron  On Clothing Label (Damask)

This  can solve labeling problems fast. We send clients one of these along with our  sample packet so it can be tested for the level of durability clients require.  This clothing label is a damask weave with a laser cut edge and iron-on adhesive  backing. Simply run a hot iron (cotton setting or approx. 325 degrees) over it  approximately 15 seconds and it adheres to any fabric. Email us with your  details for a quote for your personal application. Iron-on clothing labels do  not replace a stitched on name label however, repeated washings and laundry  cycles can cause the corners of the label to start to lift. Add merrowing  (chain type stitching around the exterior border of the clothing label) will  give a woven “patch” feel to the label and reduce the chances of corners  peeling up and off the fabric.   This type of clothing label is suitable for  applications where the client is concerned more about getting the garment  identified in a rapid fashion with a clothing label that suffices in a pinch.   This is not the type of label  recommended for high value garments.

Custom  Woven Tape (Damask Weave)

We can  supply you with Damask jacquard clothing labels by the roll. Great for large  production applications where strips of jacquard weaves are required. (100  yards minimum (on roll) or equivalent of 1000pcs) These woven tapes are  available in .25, .5, .75, 1 and +1 inch widths. With a damask weave, the  detail is very tight and precise therefore this lends itself well for accent  strips on fleece, neck line collars or accent bias pieces on handbags.   We are able to weave both sides of  the custom tape thereby allowing your custom logo to be seen on both sides of  the woven tape.  This damask woven  tape is a very soft material made up of 100& polyester yarns of 75 denier.  We can supply you in rolls of 30 yards per roll or higher or lower depending on  your requirements for the clothing label trims.

Peel & Stick Clothing Labels (Pressure Sensitive)

These  fabric labels are super adhesive and come on a roll form or cut and loose form.  Simply peel and press onto the article or product for instant identification.  Best if used on shoes or other items that are not repeatedly laundered. Any  size, color or logo available.   We offer these in both woven label form and in printed  satin label form.  These clothing  labels are also excellent for adhering to furniture, rugs or other household  products that are not necessarily in the garment or clothing industry.

Satin Needle Loom Clothing Labels

This  woven clothing label is very popular with bridal, baby apparel, intimate or  lingerie manufacturing. It has a soft sheen in appearance, hence the  "satin" name. The clothing labels are very soft and are not  irritating to the skin on fine garments such as cashmere or lingerie apparel.  This is the ideal clothing label for garments that have a simple logo or basic  text font style. It prompts an understated elegance and yet shows quite proudly  on garments. Since this is a satin needle loom label, the loom weaves at a  slower pace and therefore the turn time on this garment label is typically 3  weeks, but well worth the wait.  We  offer other alternatives to this fabric label with the option to use a flat  opac ground yarn on the label and then use a 50d yarn on the logo giving the  logo or text on the label a luminescent appearance that seems to glow on the  label. It catches consumer’s eyes and lends itself to high value clothing  marketing.  These clothing labels  are consistently been used by high-end couture and fashion designers.

Satin Broad Loom

Similar  to our Satin Needle Loom, this is produced on a faster weaving loom. This clothing label is still quite soft and malleable however is not quite as  luxurious as the satin needle loom clothing label. The detail is good on simple  logos and special font text. This woven clothing label can be used on a variety  of products that require a soft clothing label, slight sheen in appearance and  good durability for a woven label. The faster loom allows us to produce this  garment label in 2 weeks from receipt of order.

Satin High Definition

This is the top of any satin woven product. Using very fine yarn deniers and weaving at a very slow rate of speed, the label is solid, uniform and very soft. It the most expensive label we produce.  This label is commonly used on high fashion and designer apparel.

Taffeta Twill

The old standby”, this  is our most inexpensive woven clothing label. The detail achieved is not  extremely high but rather limited. The loom weaves this garment label at a high  speed and therefore the detail on logo or artwork is more general. This is not  a clothing label for dense, intricate detail. This is a clothing label for the  customer that has to get a garment label on the product to get it on the shelf,  is not concerned about a high end look, and really just needs to get the job  done! The taffeta clothing label achieves a simple logo or text in an  economical manner. These can be a bit scratchy if sewn on the inside of  garments.

Taffeta  Up Ground

By reverse weaving we are able to create a textured "bulky" looking  clothing label. This clothing label is just the opposite of our damask clothing  label. While the Damask is fine and detail driven, the Taffeta Up Ground is  heavily textured on the ground area of the label, making the weave itself  prominent in addition to the logo or artwork. This particular woven clothing  label lends itself well to technical clothing, tactical garments for military,  backpacks, camping equipment and other outdoorsy type items. This is designed  to be a "beefy" garment label. We can add starch to the label process  to make it even stouter if required. This is similar to the Satin Up Ground  only a bit less detailed and not as soft.

Satin  Up Ground

By  reverse weaving we are able to create a textured "bulky" looking  clothing label. This clothing label is just the opposite of our damask clothing  label. While the Damask is fine and detail driven, the Satin Up Ground is  heavily textured on the ground area of the garment label, making the weave  itself prominent in addition to the logo or artwork. This particular woven  clothing label lends itself well to technical clothing, tactical garments for  military, backpacks, camping equipment and other outdoorsy type items. This is  designed to be a "beefy" clothing label. We can add starch to the  label process to make it even stouter if required.

Pillow Label, Pillow Puff Label, Yarn Injection Label

 This garment label has a excellent uniform damask weave which is then injected with  micro fiber yarns which allow the label to have a “pillow” effect. The clothing  label is then die cut or laser cut out of the strip and left with a 3/8 inch  sewing allowance which allows the pillow label to be sewn down to the garment.  Used for baby blankets, quilts and other crafts that require a padded label effect.

Printed Clothing Labels: 

Printed cloth labels are manufactured by silk screen or rotary screen printing  on polyester or nylon woven ribbons, tapes or other yarn goods. The polyester  satin tape is then cut and folded to finalize the label.  Printed satin or  cotton clothing labels are advantageous for applications that require very  small defined detail, shading on artwork or the ultimate softness against the  skin.  Printed labels typically do not launder and stand up to repeated  washing cycles as well as woven labels however most times garments wear out  before our labels.  Printed clothing labels are generally found on  T-shirts, baby clothes or burp cloths, infant and toddler clothing, lingerie or  bridal applications.  Printed cotton labels are suitable for natural  clothing applications, dye processing and general softness or natural  appearance for the garment.  We offer several types of printed clothing labels, each with its own advantages  and limits.

Printed Satin Clothing Label 

This is a very soft clothing label that has supple corners and is never  scratchy. The printing is fast and even holding the colors true for years of  wear and wash cycles. Printed satin labels typically have either a white/silver  color ground color or we can supply them with an ivory/cream ground, black or  gun metal or even pink for a soft baby clothing look. We are able to transfer 8  colors to any printed satin label. This type of label is typically found on  baby clothes, lingerie or any clothing that requires a soft label against the  skin. These labels can be cut and folded or supplied on a roll form at the  client’s request.

Printed  Satin Clothing Label + Woven Edge 

This printed clothing label is buttery smooth against the skin and is perfect for  any infant or lingerie application.   The edge of the satin tape has a woven finished edge thereby eliminating  any sharpness or scratchiness that could result from the cutting of the  clothing label tape.  This clothing  label is available in various colors such as blue, peach, pink, tan, platinum  silver, white and black.  We offer  this label in both rotary printed and silk screen printed format depending on  the intricacy of the artwork logo supplied by the fashion designer.  This is by far our softest printed clothing  label available.

Printed  Satin Overdye

This is a unique looking printed label where we weave the label or print the  label according to the client request. Then we run the clothing label through a  dye bath of a predetermined color. The result is a garment label that has great  depth of color. The ground color will take the color of the bath ink while the  woven text will remain lighter. There is a higher minimum for this type of  label due to the dye bath requirement. Email us for details.

Cotton Printed Center Fold Label

Our cotton twill printed labels very soft. They wash and hold printing  extremely well, launder and age well and are ideal for garments that call for a  soft feel and look. Many clients use these printed cotton clothing labels on  garments that are 100% cotton or on children clothing that just lend themselves  to an all “natural” look. We are able to supply this label in a natural ivory  “raw” cotton color ground or a bleached white cotton ground.

Cotton Canvas Printed Clothing Label

Rugged with an old timer feel. We offer a “canvas” type of fabric that is very  similar to that of an artist’s canvas prior to painting a masterpiece. The  fabric is 100% cotton and has a tight weave to the cotton fibers. This is not a  twill weave of cotton but more of a knit. The clothing label is then printed  with your logo resulting in a great looking clothing label, 100% cotton and  very unique. We can supply it to you in any fold – center fold, end fold or  straight cut. The straight cut when stitched down on all 4 sides will fray so  it gives it an even more worn or weathered look.

Cotton  Printed Tapes 

We supply printed cotton twill tapes in .25 inch, .5 inch, .75 inch and 1 inch  widths. Special sizes are also available if the above widths do not work for  the application required. The tapes are available in roll form (continuous  tape) or we can cut the tape in lengths that the client requests. The ground  colors are available in “raw” natural ivory color or in bleached white. There  is a 100 yard minimum. Remember to specify how much space is required between  the repeating motif logos to allow ample cutting and sewing room.

Imitation  Cotton Printed Clothing Label 

This is an alternative to the 100% cotton labels we currently offer.  This material is synthetic but has the look and feel of real cotton. It holds printed inks a bit better than natural  cotton and is available in a wide array of colors.  This imitation cotton label is less expensive than the  natural cotton however is not as soft as the natural product. 

Jackron  Imitation Printed Leather Clothing Label                

Great for jeans or jackets...looks like leather but is a printed sew-on patch.  Holds ink beautifully and gives denim the finished touch. Personalize it easily with us completing your layout. (1000pcs. minimum quantity).                 

Imitation  Suede “Buckskin” Clothing Label

This clothing label has the look and feel of real suede and lends itself  wonderfully on any garment that requires a soft leather label look or  feel.  The imitation suede is a  buckskin brown/orange hue and the embossing of the customer logo results in a  dark brown effect.  These clothing  labels sew down on the garments very easily. We can also punch holes on these  and they can be used for wonderfully unique hangtags with coconut fiber strings  or clear monofilament strings to attach to the garment.

Leather  Clothing Labels 

Available clothing labels in real or imitation leather with a wide variety in colors and  shapes.  Our leather clothing  labels require a mold charge in order to execute the press debossing of the  logo into the leather label itself however this can be done in various colors  as well as debossed on various ground colors of the leather material. We have  all the great classic brown saddle colors but also new hip colors such as pink,  electric green, white and black.   These clothing labels can be used in conjunction with our metal hangtag  or riveted metal clothing labels.

Printed  Nylon Care & Content 

These are the clothing labels which contain washing instructions or denote care  symbols. For a complete list of care content symbols, refer to our website. We  are able to offer care labels in standard black on white or with full color  logos on the front and care/content on the reverse. These printed nylon labels are  very soft and not at all scratchy. They wash well and hold fast color prints and text printing. We can create your logo and layout simply by receiving your  artwork via email.

Molded PVC, Rubber & Silicone Labels: 

Molded labels are manufactured by first creating a mold. The mold is then  injected with the material of choice to fill the mold. These embossed or  debossed labels are typically found on the exterior of garments and are sewn  down for best durability and longevity. Embossed labels have the logo or text  raised above the surface while debossed labels have the logo or text depressed  down into the face of the label. We are also able to supply the PVC labels in a  flush finish where the logo and the top face of the label are on the same level  which gives a very clean appearance. We can add a sewing groove on these molded  labels to give the sewing contractor a channel in which to sew the label down  on the garment so the stitching is hidden from view. There is a one-time mold  charge for this type of label.

PVC  Molded Clothing Label                

Molded PVC Labels are great for extreme sport clothing, jersey exterior  applications and water sports apparel. There is a mold charge and 1000pc.  minimum order. Delivery on these labels is typically 3 weeks for samples. If  you require a unique label for external applications, outdoor wear or a more  industrial look, our pvc labels are very cool. We can apply several colors per  injection, minimal mold charge. Price breaks over 1000pcs.

Embossed  Rubber Tape Label                

This label has the refined, hip look of younger discerning buyers. We can  emboss any logo and give the tape various hues of colors behind your raised  logo. Very sharp on denim or casual high-end wear. Mold charge. 1000pcs.  minimum order.

 Consecutive  Sequential Number Labeling                

Our newest capacity. If you have a project or garment that requires each  clothing label to be unique in symbol or number we can do it! Our newest  sequential numbering system allows for unique labels on each product. No more  knockoffs. We can weave or print your logo or artwork on the label and add a number next  to or below your logo. The next label off our loom will show the next  consecutive number. This allows clothiers to have production runs of limited quantity much like artists with lithographs. 1000pcs. Minimum Qty.

Metal  Hangtags & Stainless Steel Riveted Name Logos

We supply brushed stainless steel metal hangtags or rivet ready name plate  badges for denim or handbag accessory labels.  These labels are made from 100% stainless steel with either  a brushed mill finish or an orbital finish. The metal clothing labels can then  either be pre-drilled with holes at the four corners to be riveted down to the  fabric or they can be riveted down to some of our leather or imitation leather  material and then sewed down to the garment.  These labels are excellent for high value accessories  (handbags, purses, clutch purses) and also for designer denim.  We do not provide the riveting service  of these labels.

Stud  Transfer Clothing Label

Tiny metal studs, about the size of a pin head, make up this exciting new  label. Similar to a rhinestone or stud thermal transfer, this clothing label  gives a Hollywood star appeal to garments. We are able to spell out names,  logos or create whimsical designs with the studs on a damask weave label. The  label can then be sewn down on garments wherever the label will give the  apparel the biggest boost. This label is very popular with teenage fashion designers.

Laser Cut Felt + PVC Weld Clothing Label

Precise laser cut letters, numbers or symbols...has the feel of a soft old  baseball jersey. Easily to sew onto garments and it gives great depth detail.  Any letter or symbol easily created and delivered. (Numerous colors  available).

Tagless Transfer Clothing Labels                

If you wish to go entirely tagless, we offer this too. Thermal label transfers  allow clients to iron on their care and content instructions, artwork logos and  any other info they can think of directly onto the garment. This clothing label  renders a clean and uniform look, very soft and durable. Instructions: Heat the  standard household iron to cotton or approx. 300 degrees and pass the iron over  the transfer paper with the logo facing down on the fabric. This process takes  roughly 15 seconds. Allow to cool. Peel the paper back slowly. Email us for  samples so you can try out a tagless system!

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