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How to Buy


How To Buy  Clothing Labels

If you already know the type of clothing label you require, go directly to the online store to order your custom clothing label. Below are some guidelines on how to buy clothing labels. For additional assistance, please email or call us and our staff would be more than happy to help you.

1. Decide On The Clothing Label Type We have several types of clothing labels available for virtually every sort of application. When thinking about which clothing label is right for you, take into account some considerations. First, where is the label going to be located? If an exterior application (on the outside of a garment or handbag for example) you will need something that is durable and shows quality well such as a damask weave.   Secondly, is the artwork on the clothing label intricate or simple? Very complex designs in woven clothing labels require damask needle loom or printed satin labels.  Will the clothing label be against the skin? If so, you would want something that is non-irritating and soft such as satin needle loom or thermal heat transfer labels.  Finally, which label style do you like? Which clothing label fits the style and image you wish to convey to perspective buyers?  Is it elegant high-end boutique style or a simple down-home country quilt style? Once you select a style direction, the rest will follow.

2. Choosing A Material We use various raw materials manufacturing our labels.  Most of our clothing labels are made from man-made fibers such as polyester yarns, nylon and PVC/silicone labels.  We also offer natural fiber material labels such as cotton and hemp.  The material of the label allows the label to give different impressions to perspective end-buyers.  100% cotton is natural and nice however intricate designs with several colors do not transfer on to cotton as well as 2-3 color logos.  Numerous colors on artwork need to be woven in damask or satin broad loom in order to give clear distinction between colors and shading.  A simple name in a special font is easily duplicated in any material whether woven synthetic yarns or natural printed cotton.

3. Choosing A Weave Different weaves show logo and artwork differently.  The damask weave gives a razor sharp detail on the face of the label, has a flat opaque appearance (is not shiny like satin) and is very soft.  The satin up ground label and the taffeta up ground label do not show tight intricate details well but rather do the opposite. These weaves create a “full” body look of the artwork logo, almost like an ink stamp. The yarns are woven so that the threads are up on top of the face of the label instead of tightly woven down on the ground of the label.  Satin broad loom and satin needle loom labels have a shiny sheen to the surface of the weave that lend themselves well to lingerie or intimate apparel and bridal gowns. Taffeta Twill is the most inexpensive woven label we manufacture however the label can be scratchy against the skin; however it achieves good resolution of simple artwork, text or care instructions.  Printed satin clothing labels achieve great detail and shading on complex artwork logos however are not as durable over time compared to woven labels nor do they show as much depth of detail as woven yarn labels.  Printed cotton labels match the requirement for a “natural” look and feel but numerous colors do not transfer well for logo clarity during printing.

4. Choosing A Fold Upon placing an order for BCI clothing labels, a client will be required to select a type of fold for their label.  A center fold label is also called a “loop” label. This is a clothing label that is folded in half with the fold crease either horizontally below the logo (to be sewn across the top of the label in the neck of a shirt for example) or vertically up and down next to the logo (to be sewn into an exterior side seam on a garment for example). End Folds have the ends of the label tucked under on each side .25 inch giving the label a finished look. The end fold label is typically sewn into the neck of high-end shirts or garments but it can also be found on various products such as handbags, watchbands or Bermuda shorts.  Fuse cut or straight cut, meaning no fold. Once the clothing label has been woven it is cut by a hot knife application thereby sealing the yarns and preventing fraying. We offer a straight cut, laser cut and ultra sonic cutting for all woven and  printed satin labels which give a soft edge to the labels without folds.  The Mitre Fold is a fold which has two 45 degree angles on the bottom corners of the label and the label hangs down in a fashion that is more whimsical yet elegant. Simple text on the narrow woven fabric is best for this type of label fold.

5. Choosing A Finish We offer either a standard finish or a starch application finish. The starch application finish gives the label a stiff rigid finish which some find helpful when sewing the label into the product.

6. Choosing Colors & Artwork When choosing the colors for the label it is important to remember that very light logo or text colors on top of similar light colored ground yarn (base yarn color of label) will not show clear distinction. Rather the two colors will blend or weave together and the result is not a clear representation of the logo colors desired.  It is better to select a ground color that is clearly a different color than the text or artwork logo color. This will give clear definition to the separation of colors on the label and the colors will show more proudly and true.  We work closely with graphic designers and we have our own graphic design team in house. We are able assist you with any help you might require finalizing your artwork or logo.

7. Choosing The Quantity Our minimum quantity is 1000pcs.  However we do offer discounts for quantities over 1000pcs. Please email us for pricing if you require more than our minimum quantity.

8. Delivery Time Our typical turn time for labels is 2-3 weeks however we offer RUSH service which guarantees delivery of labels in 8 business days plus shipping on select labels we make here. There is a $85.00 RUSH service charge for this service.

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