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Clothing Label Folds
See the diagram below for an illustration of the different clothing label folds.


Center Fold
Center Folds are clothing labels that are folded in half. So the "loop" label that you find in the neck of some shirts that have a company name or logo on the front and then on the under side there is care and content information about the garment.

Mitre Fold
Mitre Fold is where we have two 45 degree angles on the bottom corners of the label and the label hangs down in a fashion that is more whimsical yet elegant.

Straight Cut / Fuse Cut
Straight Cut or Fuse Cut is a label that has no folds and is typically sewn on all four sides, suitable for the outside of a garment or bag.

End Folds
End Folds are labels that have the left and right sides of the label tucked under the body of the label so the ends are finished. There is then space on the four corners of the label to sew it on to the garment. These are typically found in the neck of higher end garments.

Roll Form
Roll Form is where we supply the labels to you in a continuous roll.

Die Cut
Die Cut involves a die charge or laser work where the label has a unique shape.


Clothing Label Colors

Selection of colors for your clothing label is done through pantone color codes.  We are able to use both textile pantone codes and paper stock pantone color codes.

BCI Textile Yarn Color Chart
We offer a PDF file for our textile yarn color codes online here at our site.

Once you have selected your general colors, you will be asked to enter your color selection codes on the order form.  We will need to know which color you would like for your “ground” color. The ground color is the base of the clothing label on which the text or other logo color yarns are woven.  Next, we require the colors requested for your logo or text artwork.

Color Selection Tip
When choosing a ground color and a logo or text color, select colors that are distinct and separate from one another.  Similar ground colors and text/logo colors often blend together resulting in low clarity and color separation.  For example if the ground color is light blue and your text is light pink the text and ground may be both too light to distinguish the writing or logo.  A better selection in this case would be a darker light blue and a brighter pink hue to separate the colors on the ground.


Clothing Label Artwork

In order for us to begin production of your custom clothing label, we require your artwork in email format.

Artwork for custom woven or printed label production should be emailed to us at info@bcilabels.com. The preferred format of artwork is Adobe Illustrator in addition to a Adobe PDF file format or JPEG file 300 - 600 dpi. We request that customers email both versions for our file reference.

Once the client submits an artwork attachment to us by email we will respond to the request immediately, usually within the hour. This is done by email or phone to confirm we received the artwork and discuss any questions pertaining to the client's artwork. Upon satisfactory conclusion of all points pertaining to the artwork details, size and colors, we begin the proof sample process. This typically takes anywhere from 1 - 3 days for wovens, longer for other labels.  The length of time depends on the complexity, size and type of label. Once the proof is approved, production of the label begins.

Custom Label Pricing and Fees
Actual pricing for custom labels vary according to size, type of material requested, number of colors, type of fold or backing requested. For a custom label price quote, contact us. We will respond with our best quote and delivery time, typically in less than 2-3 hours.

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