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Frequently Asked Questions - Quick Answers


What is the right label for me?

Thank you for taking the time to read the President's Blog today at bcilabels.com. We hope this periodic blog will give you helpful insight into the world of fashion trims and answer a few questions along the way. Be sure to check our FAQ section for other informative tips and answers to common questions regarding clothing labels and fashion trims. We get a lot of questions here at BCI regarding the best suitable clothing label for specific garments. This is a very difficult question to answer over the phone but the best way is to request some sample labels of the items we make and test them out yourself on the garment you are creating. Printed satin clothing labels work well on infant and bridal garments but do not work well on work wear or camping clothing or industrial work wear clothing. Most of the time, the label you think would be a good fit for the garment, is the right choice but if you have doubts give us a call or email us with your question. We are glad to help. Does the ground color count as a color? No. We count the color on top of the base ground color as the first color and then so on with each subsequent color. We weave up to 7 colors on the woven labels as well as on printed silk screen labels. Did you know that all of the labels are priced online at our site? Simply click on the drop down menu under each label to see the pricing scale for the label. As you increase the number of colors on the label, the more expensive the label becomes. The cost will also increase when you have a large clothing label that is over the standard size for a similar label. Fuse cuts? what is this? A fuse cut is where the label is cut by the hot blade cutting mechanism on the loom. This hot blade fuses the yarns on the tape thereby stopping any fraying of the yarns. The fuse cut can be a bit scratchy at times; especially if you have numerous colors (i.e. many yarns on top of the ground color yarn). If you have an order of over 10,000 labels we can use the ultrasonic cutting device which cuts the yarns similarly as the fuse cut however the cut is very soft. We require a high quantity of clothing labels to be ordered however to use this device as it is costly to operate for short run orders. How much sewing allowance do I need on my labels to sew into the seam? Typically we add about .25 on the top of the label if the label is a center fold clothing label. Likewise we leave about .25 or 1/8 of space on the ends of the label if you are ordering an end fold label. This is standard seam allowance for sewers to get the label sewn down without sewing over the top of the logo or burying the logo inside a seam. Your artwork should reflect the .25 sew allowance when you submit the artwork however if we see you have forgotten this, we will email and ask if you would like us to add this allowance on the clothing label.

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